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Live updates: The shelling again strikes the Kharkiv nuclear facility



KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraine’s atomic watchdog has reported that Russia shelled a nuclear research center in Kharkiv. It is impossible to assess the damage as a result of the fighting.

According to the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate, Saturday’s attack on the neutron source experimental unit at the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology was caused by a new threat.

Ukrainian authorities reported that the Russian bombing had damaged buildings at Kharkiv’s facility. However, there has not been any radiation released. The new neutron source facility was built to research and produce radioisotopes. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the facility’s nuclear material is always subcritical. The inventory of radioactive material in the facility is also meager, which reduces the risk of radiation exposure.

Since the beginning of the invasion, Kharkiv has been under constant bombardment by Russian forces.

Russian forces have threatened Ukraine’s nuclear infrastructure.


Biden calls for Putin’s resignation after his speech in Poland.

Chernihiv, a northern Ukrainian city that its inhabitants have abandoned, fears it will become ‘next Mariupol.

The Associated Press independently documented 34 Russian-led assaults on Ukrainian medical facilities at most.

As the armed forces in Ukraine stall, Russian President Vladimir Putin is faced with difficult choices.

Hungarian PM Orban is criticized for his ‘neutral’ position in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Ukrainian fashion brand flees bombarded city.

Are cryptocurrency aids for Ukraine an innovation?


LVIV (Ukraine) — A man was arrested on suspicion of spying at the location of one of two rocket attacks on Kyiv on Saturday.

Maksym Kozytskyy stated that police discovered the man had recorded a rocket being launched towards the target and hitting it. Also, police found his phone photos of checkpoints throughout the region. Kozytskyy claimed that they had been sent to two Russian numbers.

At least five people were injured when rockets struck an oil storage facility and an unspecified industrial building. Hours after the attacks, Lviv was surrounded by a thick plume and towering flames.

WARSAW (Poland) — President Joe Biden made a strong speech in Warsaw, denouncing Russian President Vladimir Putin and offering support for Ukraine. He also seemed to have a message of encouragement for his Polish hosts.

Biden spoke of a “perennial fight for democracy” and mentioned the Rule of Law and Freedom of the Press as essential principles in a free society.

The speech was attended by President Andrzej Duba and his political allies from the conservative Law and Justice party. The European Union accuses them of undermining Poland’s rule of law by weakening the independence and legitimacy of the judicial branch since they were elected to power in 2015.

Last year, the Polish authorities also clashed with Washington over legal attempts by Washington to silence TVN (a broadcast network owned and controlled by Discovery). Discovery was trying to take control of TVN. This independent news station produces critical programs about the nationalist government.

Duda vetoed legislation late last year, but there are still concerns about press freedom in Poland due to the government’s use of public media as a mouthpiece for parties.

Biden also paid tribute to Poland’s long struggle towards democracy in his speech at The Royal Castle. Like most of Warsaw, this castle was destroyed during World War II by the Nazi German forces and rebuilt later.

He stated that Warsaw was a “sacred place” in Europe’s history and the eternal quest for freedom. Warsaw has stood for liberty in all its challenges and has always won.

LVIV (Ukraine) — Several rockets struck Lviv in western Ukraine on Saturday. Officials believe that the attacks were two separate incidents on the same day President Joe Biden visited the capital of Poland. The border is only 45 miles away.

These powerful explosions scared a city once a refuge for hundreds of thousands fleeing Russian aggression in other parts of Ukraine.

Maksym Kozytskyy was the regional governor. He stated on Facebook that five people had been injured in the initial attack but didn’t specify the exact nature of the second rocket. He reported on Facebook hours later three additional explosions outside of the city, but again without any details.

Andriy Sadovyi, Mayor of Lviv, called the second round explosions a rocket attack and said it caused significant damage to an unknown “infrastructure object.”

Lviv had been spared the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, but missiles hit an aircraft repair facility close to the international airport last week.

After the back-to-back attack on Saturday, residents and displaced Ukrainians saw Lviv as a safe place to rebuild their lives. The city was home to approximately 700,000 people before the invasion. It has since been absorbed by many more.

LONDON — Two Russian billionaires in Britain seized Eugene Shvidler’s jet aircraft. This was done to put pressure on Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, by focusing on the luxurious lifestyles of his closest allies.

Grant Shapps, Treasury Secretary, said Saturday that two planes would be held “indefinitely” following a three-week investigation that had already grounded them. The aircraft was described by The Times of London as a Bombardier Global 6500 worth $45 million and a Cessna Citation Latitude worth $13 million.

Shapps stated on Twitter that Putin’s friends, who made millions from his regime, will not be able to enjoy luxury while innocent people die.”

As part of its new round of sanctions against Russian companies and wealthy individuals, the U.K. froze Shvidler’s U.K. assets. The U.K. stated that Shvidler was sanctioned for his connections to people who have supported the war in Ukraine and because he has made a profit from the Putin regime.

LVIV (Ukraine) — On Saturday afternoon, air raid sirens sounded in Lviv’s western city. Governor Maksym Kozytskyy said that “three powerful explosions” were heard near Lviv. Footage taken by The Associated Press showed smoke plumes rising high above the city.

Lviv is a city with over 700,000. It is located approximately 70 km (43 miles) east of Ukraine’s border to Poland. Major Russian attacks have been avoided in recent weeks. Two weeks ago, Russian forces attacked a military training facility near Lviv. It was at that time the most westwardly targeted target, and 35 people were killed.

Lviv has been a refuge for around 200,000 Ukrainians since the invasion.

As U.S. President Joe Biden was finishing up a visit with NATO ally Poland, the explosions occurred Saturday. He told Poland’s President that his freedom was ours.

Warsaw: President Joe Biden spent Saturday with Ukrainian refugees in Poland as he concluded his four-day European visit. He marveled at their determination in the face of Russia’s invasion.

He listened attentively as young Ukrainian children told him about their parents. He smiled broadly as he picked up a young Ukrainian girl wearing a pink coat and told her that she reminded him of his granddaughters.

As he listened to their stories, he also held hands. He hugged their parents during a visit to a Warsaw stadium where Ukrainian refugees can obtain a Polish identification number which gives them access to social services like schools and health care.

Some told Biden of the children and women that they fled to Poland with their fathers and husbands. However, he said that the men in their lives were of fighting age and had to stay behind to fight the Russians.

Biden said that he was always amazed by the strength and depth of the human spirit after his conversations. “Each of those children said something along the lines of “Say a Prayer for My Dad, Grandfather or Brother.”

WARSAW (Poland) — President Andrzej Duba welcomed President Joe Biden’s assurances during a visit to the Polish capital Saturday that NATO would ensure his country’s safety.

He stated that the assurances were even more crucial as Russia is carrying on brutal attacks in Ukraine, which lies just across Poland’s eastern boundary.

Duda stated, “I believe that for us Poles in the current situation in our part Europe in the era Russian aggression against Ukraine., this is a very important element.”

After meeting Biden, Duda said that he had also asked the United States for speedier weapons delivery to Poland.

Duda stated that Poland would receive Patriot missile sets and artillery rocket launchers under agreements already made with the U.S.

The Polish leader stated that he had asked Joe Biden, the U.S. President, to speed up the implementation of the purchasing programs already in place to strengthen our security.

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar announced that a Winona man, Minnesota, taken into custody by Russian forces during the Ukraine war, has been released.

Tyler Jacob was detained while trying to cross the border from Ukraine into Turkey earlier this month. Klobuchar stated that she contacted the U.S. State Department to connect with John Sullivan, the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, who discussed the situation in detail with the Russian government.

Jacob, 28, went to Ukraine in November to teach English. His longtime girlfriend, a Ukrainian, accompanied him. In January, the couple got married and settled in Kherson on the Black Sea. Jacob stayed in Kherson, a southern port on the Black Sea, even though Russia invaded him last month. But he decided to leave.

He was accompanied by some Turkish friends and boarded a bus heading for the Turkish border. However, he was arrested at an Armiansk checkpoint.

Jacob is now in good health with his wife, and they all plan to travel to Minnesota together. The family refused to give any details about Jacob’s detention. Klobuchar stated that they wanted to be “really careful” and that “at some point…the whole story will be revealed.”

Prague: Several thousand Russians residing in Prague, Czech Republic, and thousands more in London protested the Russian military aggression towards Ukraine.

Prague’s Russian antiwar committee organizers stated that the rally was an opportunity for Russian nationals to shout “No to war,” “No Putin,” “We Are With Ukraine,” and “We Are with the Czech Republic and The Whole World against Russian Aggression.”

They marched through the Czech capital Saturday, waving blue and white flags. This is a common feature of the Russian anti-war protests. The Russian national flag was replaced with a tricolor consisting of red, blue, and white horizontal fields. A second one had the red area replaced by a white one. This symbolizes blood.

Protesters also held banners reading “Stop Putin,” and “Save the World,” which called President Vladimir Putin a “Killer.”

The Russians condemned the war and said they wanted to be clear that they were not secret supporters of Putin but were part of the local society.

LONDON — On Saturday, thousands marched to support the Ukrainian people as they resisted the Russian invasion.

After Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President called for support from everyone everywhere, Sadiq Khan organized the march in London. Demonstrators marched from Hyde Park towards Trafalgar Square, decorated with Ukraine’s flag’s blue and yellow colors.

Khan stated, “These innocent people have suffered unimaginable pain and suffering in the last month. We are joining hands today to show that we stand by them.”

Khan also pledged to give 1.1 million pounds ($1.45million) to London’s refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers. Since the invasion, approximately 3.8 million people have fled Ukraine.

WARSAW (Poland) — U.S. President Joe Biden told Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, “Your freedom is ours,” echoing one of Poland’s unofficial mottos. He assured Duda the U.S. would assist them if Russia attacked.

Biden and the two met Saturday to discuss their joint efforts to end the war in Ukraine.

Biden called the Western military alliance’s “collective defense” agreement a “sacred obligation,” and stated that NATO unity was vital. Biden also acknowledged that Poland was the victim of the humanitarian crisis. More than 2 million of the more than 3.5 million Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine have entered the country. He stated that NATO allies should do more. The U.S. has committed to accepting up to 100,000 refugees.

Duda stated that relations between the two countries are flourishing despite difficult times.

BUCHAREST (Romania) — NATO’s deputy Secretary-General says that Russian President Vladimir Putin is losing his month-old “barbaric” war against Ukraine.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Mircea Geoana stated that NATO would be “forced” to take the appropriate measures in case of a nuclear or chemical attack. This statement follows a series of ominous statements from Moscow officials refusing to rule out the possibility of their use. He declined to specify what these measures would be.

He stated that NATO is both a defense alliance and a nuclear alliance. “If they use chemical weapons or other higher-end systems to attack Ukraine, it will change fundamentally the nature and character of the war waged by Mr. Putin against Ukraine.”

He said, “I can assure you that NATO will respond proportionately.”

Helsinki: Finland’s President says that Russia would likely target his country with cyber warfare. He also warns that it could be subject to border violations if the government applies for NATO membership.

Recent polls have shown that a majority of Finns support NATO membership. This is up from 25% before the Russian invasion. In an interview with YLE, President Sauli Niinisto stated that NATO membership would have the most significant benefit.

He did, however, warn of the possibility that Russia could disrupt an accession process that could take several months.

He stated that an application would cause tensions at Finland’s 1,340-kilometer (830 miles) border with Russia. This includes the possibility of “robust border and territorial violations” — not only by Russian aircraft as Finland has in the past.

Niinisto stated, “We don’t even know all the possibilities for hybrid influence that someone might invent.” The entire information technology world is at risk. Even essential functions of society can be affected.”

Moscow said that it would consider NATO membership of Finland and Sweden, both members of the European Union, a hostile move that would have severe military or political repercussions.

MEDIA (Poland) — As President Joe Biden finishes his four-day European visit, refugees from Ukraine arrive in Poland to plead for help.

The U.S. has been providing supplies and money to support the refugee efforts. Biden announced $1 billion in additional assistance this week and stated that the U.S. would take up to 100,000 refugees.

Elena Taciy (50-year-old Berdyansk woman) said that U.S. support was “right and necessary.” She stated Saturday that she would like Biden to visit Ukraine and “see the situation with his own eyes.”

Maria Shevchenka (a 43-year older woman from Mykolaiv) said that she was waiting for the Americans to end this crisis so that we could finally return to our country and homes.

Biden was in Warsaw Saturday and stopped by a meeting between U.S.-Ukrainian foreign policy and defense leaders.

LVIV, Ukraine — A governor of the Kyiv region claims that Russian forces entered the city Slavutych to seize a hospital.

Slavutych can be found north of Kyiv or west of Chernihiv. It is outside the exclusion area created around Chernobyl’s nuclear power plant following the 1986 disaster. It houses workers at Chernobyl.

Governor Oleksandr Pavlyuk claimed Saturday that the Russians had also kidnapped a city mayor. However, some media reports later that the mayor was freed quickly. Both claims could not be independently verified.

According to the governor, residents of Slavutych marched with Ukrainian flags in protest against the Russian invasion.

“The Russians set fire to the air. They also hurled flash-bang bombs at the crowd. Pavlyuk stated that the residents didn’t disperse. In fact, they showed up more often.”

LVIV (Ukraine) — Officials in Kyiv, Ukraine, have announced a new 35-hour curfew.

Vitali Klitschko, Kyiv Mayor, stated that the curfew would run from 8 p.m. Saturday to 7 a.m. Monday local time. Residents will only be allowed to leave their homes to go to a bomb shelter.

Klitschko stated that shops, pharmacies, gas stations, and public transport would be closed during the curfew.

Istanbul: Turkey’s defense ministry has declared that a “mine-like object” was “neutralized” at Bosporus Strait’s northern entrance.

A possible naval mine was sighted on Saturday. This followed warnings about mines at Ukrainian ports’ entrances that could be blown free during bad weather and travel across the Black Sea.

Broadcaster NTV displayed images of an object floating in the seas off Istanbul’s Sariyer District, along the Bosporus’ European coastline. A Coast Guard vessel was also stationed near the scene.

According to a Defense Ministry statement, divers were sent to the scene to handle the object. It was reportedly noticed by anglers, according to Demiroren News Agency.

Turkey advised ships to keep a “sharp eye” on Ukrainian ports and report any mines.

The Bosporus is a narrow channel that links the Black Sea with the Mediterranean and was used by 38,500 ships last year. Ankara shut down the Strait to military vessels shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Defense Ministry of Britain says Russia is still occupying major Ukrainian cities like Mariupol, Chernihiv, and Kharkiv.

Daily updates show that Russian forces are reluctant to engage in large-scale urban infantry operations. Instead, they prefer to rely on the indiscriminate air and artillery bombardments to try to demoralize their defenders.

According to the assessment, Russia is likely to continue using its heavy firepower in urban areas to reduce its losses and prevent more civilian casualties.

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Florida woman pays $6,000 for Coronavirus and associated tests at AdventHealth.



One day, your body starts aching. You begin to cough and can’t catch your breath. You have just returned from an overseas trip. You think you have the Coronavirus.

You do exactly what you are supposed to do. Reach out to your primary healthcare provider. The doctor tells you to go to a local hospital and get tested. So you get tested.

You are then hit with medical bills that exceed $6,000.

Sounds like a bad dream, right?

After receiving a test at AdventHealth, DeLand, a Volusia County resident, shared her medical bills with The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Due to the stigma associated with Coronavirus, the woman requested that her name be kept private. AdventHealth officials declined to comment on the newspaper’s request.

The woman said she didn’t know that testing would be so expensive. According to everything she read, she believed that the test was free. The ER visit and a series of unrelated tests she received led to a bill she is still trying to understand how to pay.

After undergoing coronavirus testing, a DeLand woman aged 23 received her initial bill from AdventHealth DeLand.

The 23-year-old DeLand woman said she felt fine after returning from Spain on March 17. After teaching English abroad, she returned to the United States after coronavirus cases began rising in Europe.

She said she had a headache and a fever the day she returned from Spain. After her fever had spiked, she called her family doctor on March 19, and they diagnosed her with a mild cough. She also began experiencing chest irritation.

AdventHealth DeLand was recommended to her. This was before coronavirus testing expanded throughout the state. The only option for testing was through the Florida Department of Health or local hospitals.

She said she was directed straight to the entrance for those who believed they might have COVID-19 when she arrived. The hospital staff performed various tests on her, including one for the flu and one for strep. A chest X-ray was also performed.


The woman explained that she had only gone for the coronavirus test and that they did tests she didn’t request. They didn’t ask me questions about them or whether I wanted them. They said that they would do this, that, and this. I should have stated that I wouldn’t say I liked the other stuff. It was just something I felt had to be done.

The staff should have told her what it would cost or how much she would have to pay.

She said, “I assumed it would most likely be free because coronavirus testing was free.”

She was sent an invoice for $4,356.28 after her initial visit. She was charged for IV therapy, laboratory services, pharmacy, and emergency center fees. Because the bill did not include it, it is unclear if she was accused of coronavirus testing.

Three weeks later, she received a second bill for $1969 for ER physician services.

She said that she and her dad were frustrated. “Disbelief that coronavirus testing should be free, but it’s misleading that you go to the hospital and get tested. No one warns you or asks if it will cost you hundreds of thousands.”

AdventHealth was asked by The News-Journal why patients were receiving tests they did not request and why patients needed to be informed about the cost of the tests before they were performed. A spokesman JeffGrainger asked for the patient’s name, which The News-Journal gave him along with consent from the woman.

In the past two weeks, the newspaper made multiple unsuccessful attempts to obtain additional information from AdventHealth.

According to the woman, her father tried numerous times to contact AdventHealth to inquire about her bills.

She said Wednesday that Mike, AdventHealth’s customer service director, called her twice to get me to pay the bill. “He claimed that the coronavirus charge wasn’t on my bill, even though I only requested it at the hospital. I was not given a choice about the treatment I received.”

She said she must pay $871 of the first and second bills totaling $2,840. She claimed she had Spanish health insurance through her employer. However, the policy is no longer valid in the United States.

She stated that she was asking the hospital to review the charges and remove them.

She was even more frustrated when her coronavirus testing came back three days later.

Her 56-year-old mother and her 20-year-old brother, with whom she lived with her 64-year-old father, were tested at the Florida Department of Health office in Daytona Beach. They did not have to pay for the test, and they didn’t receive additional testing.

Holly Smith, the spokeswoman of the Volusia County FDOH office, said that “when the Department of Health conducts a testing, it is part of an epidemiological investigation.” This includes taking a history. It has no additional tests or exams and is free to the patient.

The mother of the woman tested positive for the virus. Although her brother was negative for the virus, they believe he may have contracted it while studying in London. Her father was not tested for the virus.

The woman believes she is fortunate, except for AdventHealth’s bill. She was able to stay at home throughout her illness. Her fever lasted only 24 hours. After being tested, she had only a slight cough and chest irritation for 12 days.

She said, “I feel fortunate, I suppose.” “It’s a very new virus, and they don’t know why some people are more affected than others.”

Her mother, however, had worse symptoms. She had a mild fever, cough, and fatigue for four days. Her symptoms lasted longer than those of her daughters.

She stated earlier that she was more concerned about her mom’s health since she had a positive test. “Mostly, I am worried about my parents.”

She advised others to verify the cost of testing at the beginning.

“I appreciated their thoroughness, but I didn’t anticipate how much it would cost.”

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