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Tips on How to Apply For Student Visa 500 and Study in Australia




If the donor and the recipient are equally happy it is ‘TIPS’ irrespective of whether it is a restaurant or educational institution. ‘To Insure Prompt Service’ is an assurance to instill confidence, an action that ensures positive outcomes and insures against negative impact. In fact, all three words are intricately connected to the one word ‘safety’ which the students look forward to while applying for Student Visa 500. Young and enthusiastic blood needs a sort of guidance to acquire Visa Subclass 500 to enable them to rightfully pursue their dream to study in Australia.

Implications of student visa 500:

If ‘study’ is the code word then ‘student subclass 500‘ deciphers it for the students. It helps them in their march towards full-time learning at a registered educational institution in Australia. This Subclass 500 visa for international students has come into force as of July 1st, 2016. The new migration framework allows student visa applications to be evaluated under the simplified student visa framework (SSVF). This categorizes the applications as regular or streamlined depending upon the provider and the nationality of the passport holder. 

The regular category and streamlined category are differentiated based on the mandatory need for English language and financial potential.  While the regular class has to provide proof of evidence for the above, the class under streamline need not. General requirements are common for both categories.

An overview of student subclass 500

A bird’s view clarifies the following points in short.

  • Depending upon the presence of an applicant’s name in the list one can stay in Australia for up to 5 years.
  • One should have above AUD 620 without exemptions
  • Processing time can not be specified
  • This student subclass 500 entitles the applicant to – i)study an eligible course ii) bring family members and
  • The applicant can apply online either within or outside Australia
  • It must be noted that an applicant can study the course only when enrolled
  • The applicant must be either 6 years old or above 
  • Those under 18 years must have proof of evidence for the welfare arrangement
  • Must possess Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) or must come under exempted category

Tips for the documentary needs:

The applicant’s application must be substantiated with –

  • The acceptance into the program via Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
  • Abidance with the health requirements
  • Enough proof of no criminal records marring the character requirements
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement to ensure that they will not continuously prolong their present residential status
  • Except for those who come exception list, others must be able to prove their health insurance possession
  • Able to prove their proficiency in English
  • Prove that the applicant is financially stable to support Australian stay
  • Must possess a valid passport and an adequate number of passport-sized photographs
  • Academic documents and necessary transcripts in case of need
  • Department of Home Affairs  document checklist tool is the best tool at hand for any reference

Tips on the essential eligibility criteria:


The student applicant who does not come under the secondary school student exchange program must be 6 years or above. At the start of the 9th year of study, one must be below 17 years of age. Subsequently 10th, 11thand 12th year students must be below 18, 19 and 20 years respectively.

Packaged courses and CoEs:

  • One can apply for more than one course of study
  • In that case, the different CoE codes must be mentioned in the application form
  • If more than 2 or more courses are selected, the choice of one course must naturally lead to the next  
  • One must bear in mind that the gap between the courses must be less than 2 calendar months
  • The above rule is waived in case the gap between the two subsequent courses is according to the standard academic years.

Provision for CoE waive:

One can use a letter of support if the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade has approved. This approval is for the enrolled full – time course of study. The same thing applies to any training under the scholarship program. If an applicant is sponsored by the Australian Department of Defense, a letter of support is more than enough. A form of Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student (AASEs) is also enough for the applicant. An Education provider’s letter also has its weight for the postgraduate research student. This is valid if one has to stay while the thesis is getting marked. You can take help of any registered Immigration agent.

Other tips:

The above-given tips are major ones to apply for Student Visa 500 in Australia. Needless to say, there are other things to keep in mind to make the applicant’s stay a meaningful one. The below-given tips will prove their worth during the stay. 

  • One must be financially sound to support their stay. For this they should be aware of the cost of – i) living ii) course study and iii) travel expenses. For this valuable knowledge, the applicant must go to the site ‘ Gather Documents ‘Step by Step
  • The applicant’s intention for temporary entrance must be genuine.
  • The applicant who is 18 and above must sign an Australian Values Statement
  • Once done it goes beyond doubt to prove that the Law of the Land will be respected
  • It is better to read or be explained the Life in Australia booklet

Study in Australia:

To make the students’ life easy in Australia, the Australian Trade, and Investment Commission (Austrade) maintains a website. This is a useful website for international students to gain insight about-

  •  The available courses
  • Institutions and scholarships
  • Studying and living in Australia
  • Voice of stories from other students
  • Australian Education


This website also enables the user to change the language for ease of learning. For this, all one has to do is to use the drop-down menu at the top of the website. To conclude the Australian education system has already accomplished high-quality education. Accordingly, the Student Visa subclass 500 is purposefully well streamlined to cater to the needs of the international students.

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