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Tips to make use of the iPhone like a pro Technology.



If there’s one thing that is distinctive about Apple is the way it equips the iPhone with features and functions that aren’t announced and which users can gradually learn about. To add some flavor to this recipe and keep it fresh, with every update of OS, Apple offers new and innovative features. There have been numerous times that this phone has been accused — particularly by people who adhere to Android, which is its main rivals, an uninspiring device, essential, and has a limited number of options; however, do we know what we can do to get the most value from it? We will review a set of tips that increase its value, and it’s entirely possible that you aren’t aware of it.

The back, another button, and an option to make it more personal

For those looking to be involved in the device’s personalization, accessibility options are numerous that are beneficial. Apple introduced with its iOS 14 update the function backtap. It works by using the sensors on mobile phones to detect the touch by the fingers at the rear of your phone. In other words, by making one or two taps, you can carry out the task you’ve selected within the settings. For instance, we could declare that it will take a screenshot by the double press, and when you press three times, the device is shut off.

ystem actions can be carried out by pressing one of the sides of the gadget.

Apart from the capabilities that the system offers (your fingertips control everything), Apple allows the use of shortcuts that are user-programmable functions and commands. The possibilities are nearly infinite. To get them, navigate to settings > accessibility > Touch > playback and set the number of touches and desired feature. If set, you could switch on the lights or heating with just a few taps or send a WhatsApp message to your friend.

“Hey Siri, send this image to …”

Siri’s voice assistant has been accused of being unwieldy and unhelpful. However, the reality is it’s far more powerful than you think. A priori. One trick that not many are aware of is to transmit the contents of the screen to a person. For this to be done, you tell the person: “Hey Siri, send this to …”.

If what’s before you is a picture, Siri will send it to the contact you specified. If it’s an online page and it is a hyperlink, that will be done with the hyperlink. Now comes the significant part: if it’s not a photo or web page, the system will email an image of what appears on the screen, which can be very convenient. The only fee due is iOS which is the company’s operating system, can utilize the company’s platform for messaging, Posts.

How can you upload images? Use the clipboard

In many cases, users have to make their lives more complicated by attaching pictures to the form of a WhatsApp message, or in an email, or maybe even Twitter and Facebook. But, Apple has a good advantage that is not widely known: to copy the image and then paste it into. To do that, find the image on your reel on the device. The app is opened, and then search for the option attach the photo and then slide their fingers across the roll until they spot the picture. Within the gallery, tap”Share” (located on the left side of the screen) and select copy image. After that, launch the email application, WhatsApp, or the social network you prefer and hold your finger on the text box until the button is displayed. Paste. Once you’ve done that, the image will appear to be attached.

The option to copy a picture and later paste it into a different application.

This option also works crosswise between different apps: by holding your finger down to a picture you have found on Twitter or Facebook and click on it, you can copy the image. The option will pop up to then paste it anywhere you’d like. If users are dissatisfied with attaching the photograph, they can shake their device to reverse the action.

How can you secure photos using a password?

This Cupertino (California) firm takes customers’ security as its top priority. Along with safeguarding your mobile phone using passwords, it permits users to shield their photos from view. The Californian company does not provide the option of protecting your photos by using a password; however, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to accomplish the same objective. Fran Besora, iOS expert and founder of the Apple Twitter community in Spanish, suggests an alternative: “Create a note with the photo from Grades, and then secure it using FaceID.” The process would require attaching the photo to a new note in the application or copying it using the previously mentioned trick.

Apps Grades. Before you can secure your note with an attached photo, it is necessary to create a password specific to the image. To enable this feature, it is needed to go to settings > grades and enter the selected key into the password section. The user can activate the unlock feature using face recognition technology, such as FaceID or even Finger ID (depends on the iPhone model). After this has been done inside the note that needs encrypting, choose the lock options within the three marks in the upper right-hand corner — and then enter the password you have set by the user’s settings.

Locked note on an iPhone.

Don’t write anymore using cameras (or voice)

It is worth noting that the iOS 15 update introduced an intriguing feature that could help iPhone users a significant amount of time while writing text (or, more precisely, when copying the text). It’s a scanner that is built within your textbox. This feature uses the powerful camera of the iPhone as the OCR scanner, which means you can point the camera at the text (it doesn’t matter if it’s a photograph or a screen on a computer). The device can accurately identify the text and convert the text into characters.

To make use of this feature, click twice on the text box to make you can select the option to scan text. The system will recognize commands such as “comma,” “dot,” or “new space,” and “open question” or “open question. It is important to note that this feature is only available for applications that display the space for text entry. If you’re trying to reduce typing time for longer writing assignments, The best solution is to press the microphone in the lower-left corner to enable the audio transcription.

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