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UK Lawmakers Propose That Big Tech Should Reimburse Victims of Online Scams.



LONDON one of the most prominent tech companies with websites with advertisements for frauds, must be required to compensate the victims of fraud, British lawmakers said to reduce the number of copies committed online in Britain.

Although banks can sign an informal code that isn’t official for them to pay victims of fraud provided they follow the procedures to protect themselves, there’s not sufficient oversight of social media and other websites, which are often the first to be noticed, Mel Stride, chairman of the all-party Treasury committee spoke to Reuters.

“The government should look at some kind of arrangement that makes the polluter pay,” He said.

“Online platforms are hosting this stuff, not really putting enough effort into weeding it out, and financially benefiting because they’re getting the advertising revenues,” Stride declared.

TechUK The body that represents the most significant technology companies in Britain, including Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft, has not yet provided an answer.

Stride’s remarks followed his comments on the Treasury committee’s decision on Wednesday to release, announcing their report on economic crimes, which called for the government to seriously examine ways to require online platforms to compensate those victims.

The report stated that it was announced in December TechUK in December had announced that Facebook (now changing its name to Meta), Twitter, and Microsoft have signed a contract that will require all advertisers in the financial services sector to be vetted through the British Financial Conduct Authority, following similar procedures that Google took, TikTok, and Amazon.

However, the report states that there was no timeframe for the modifications. In addition, other platforms aren’t yet adopting the same approach.

It is the government that has to act to take action to address the conclusions of the report, which indicate that not enough effort is being made to stop the increasing amount of fraud being committed online and that efforts to combat fraud should be coordinated under the direction of an individual ministry or department.

Britain was the world’s hub for frauds within the banking sector, Reuters reported in October, the year when the world’s most significant amount of seven54 million pounds ($1 billion) was reported at the beginning of the calendar year. This is an increase of 30% over a similar period in 2020.

“We think the government’s been too slow in various areas to catch up with it…it’s people being, quietly in many cases, defrauded of large amounts of money, people losing life savings,” Stride explained.


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