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What Brand Advocacy is the Backbone for Modern Businesses of Today!



2018 is speculated to be the year of brand advocates. Today with more and more small businesses cropping up over the internet, customers are becoming a tad sceptical.

With a plethora of options, most online consumers initially do thorough research about any product or service before buying or endorsing it. According to survey 92% customer’s stated they trust recommendations given via mouth rather than advertisements.

Additionally, 76% of individuals prefer to trust the voice of a ‘people person’. In other terms, they prefer the recommendation of any product or service by one of their own.

Hence, here enter brand advocates!

What is this Brand Advocate?

Let’s take an example; you have a store, and few customers buy from it once. Certain customers are however loyal and keep endorsing in your store’s product and soon enough puts in a positive word about it to their friends and family.

These people are acting as a brand advocate for your store. These can be bloggers, a loyal employee, influencer or regulars.

However, in this competitive sphere of digital marketing, to gather the most leads business’s often hiring Word-Of-Mouth agencies which speak in favour of brands.

These agencies were introduced to merge the gap between a brand advocate and a company. Moreover, these brand advocates would ensure that the business enjoys a favourable name along with gross profit.

Now, let’s look at why these brand advocates act as the building blocks of success to any business’s image ­­–

Benefits –

  1. Brand Advocates are productive information providers

Brand advocates are trained individuals who possess intricate details about a brand and its products. With their ability to write prolific content entertainingly, they can target audiences more and instil amongst them a positive image of the brand.

  1. They humanize a brand and help it connect to customers

Brand advocates are well aware of customer psychology and hence communicate in a language which is user-friendly. Moreover, brand advocates try and produce a story that depicts a brand’s philosophies, its motive and values.

Further through the beautiful incorporation of all these aspects along with an idea of how using the brand can benefit customer’s advocates improve the image of businesses.

  1. Brand advocates help target an extensive audience.

According to a survey, an approx of 10 advocates can reach about 6,000 people on the internet. Even if an individual isn’t aware of your brand, possessing a brand advocate who uses social media meticulously makes it a note to communicate with numerous users.

As a result, more and more content about any brand is shared with people taking part in it actively. As a result, audience reach is much extensive rather than normal marketing.

  1. More leads with more CTR’s

When a brand advocate talks positively about a business, they have the potential to influence people. So the number of people who would then visit the client’s website to try their projects or services increases its CTR’s.

Additionally, this increases leads and boosts productive ROI for businesses’ which hire brand advocates.

So, if you’re looking to surpass other businesses in the competitive digital market, get yourself a trusted brand advocate today.

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VPN Surf Review



Virtual Private Server or VPN is known as one of the secure ways to access the internet. It protects your online privacy by creating a private network within the public internet. VPN Surf is one of the trusted VPN services that are ready to provide secure and private access to the internet from any device or location. Learn the details below before using this VPN service.


The Benefits of Using VPN Surf

The first benefit you can get when you are using this service is that the system helps to hide your identity and location. The main function of using a VPN is that there will be no one knows about your vital information such as IP address and personal data. As a result, you can limit the risk of identity theft or other cybercrimes by using your identity. Moreover, others can’t monitor your online activities. The next great thing about using VPN Surf is that you can access the internet anywhere and anytime you want. You can even do it in countries that have region-restricted rules. Due to this benefit, you can use the service to stream your favorite videos, movies, sites, and social media anywhere. Indeed, VPN service gives a great benefit for travelers who visit different countries with different internet connection rules. It doesn’t matter the location, you will always feel that you are using the internet at home. This VPN service also gives a special offer in which you can try to use the VPN before buying it. The service allows you to feel the benefits, so you are sure it works for you when you buy it.


VPN Surf Services

The company offers you two different VPN services. The first service is a premium VPN service. Premium service is using a sophisticated system that protects your identity and network data. You can try this service for 7 days before purchasing it. The second service is a premium VPN software. This service is suitable for business owners who have to keep connecting and protecting some people or employees anytime and anywhere they are surfing the web. You also have a chance to try this package for 7 days for free before purchasing it.


Compatible with Any Devices and Operating Systems

You can use this VPN service in various devices and operating systems. The service is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Windows users get unlimited data transfer, along with 3 connections simultaneously. You can use 11 different server locations. Windows VPN service protects your identity and network data with the 256-bit encryption. It helps to protect from advertisers that send ads you don’t need, hackers, and even the government. Furthermore, the service is using a no-log policy. It means that they don’t log your online activities. You will get a 30 days free trial before buying it.

Android users can also use a VPN. The service gives you a high level of encryption to protect your IP address maximally. You will be anonymous anywhere you browse. The system helps to bypass censorships and restricted sites. As a result, you can download, stream, and surf faster. Even if there is an interruption, the system will reconnect automatically.


iOS users will also get the same service from this VPN provider. The VPN works to protect your network data when you are using public Wi-Fi, along with military-grade encryption. The system limits the risk of DNS and IPv6 leakage. The system will not disturb the connection speed. You will get the same benefits if you are using Mac and Linux.



VPN Surf offers a free VPN service for 3 months. You will get the same facilities and benefits just like the premium VPN service. Then, you can upgrade the service into premium service after 3 months. You only have to spend $5 per month and $15 per month for a business VPN. The premium VPN is suitable for up to 3 connections simultaneously whereas business VPN is suitable for up to 10 connections simultaneously. The premium version gives you a chance to try the service up to 30 days for free and 100 days free for the business VPN version. Both of them provide you with up to 10 servers in 5 different locations, including the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Romania, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, and Singapore.


Nowadays, you don’t need to get confused about accessing the internet connection anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter your location even if the countries have geo-restricted rules. VPN Surf is a good solution to browse or stream your favorite sites, videos, movies, television shows, and other online services.

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