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Why should you choose desktop over laptop?



Judging from the range of performance, choosing the desktop computer over laptop makes more sense and logical.

For a graphics designer, or an animator or an avid gamer, a desktop computer is highly customizable as well as the latest feature can be installed in it according to need unhesitatingly.

On the other hand, the compact features of a laptop restrain you from installing an extension no matter how high the level of need is.

Reasons behind choosing Desktop Computer over Laptop

  • The full-sized parts make the desktop performance faster and smoother.
  • Significantly less expensive than the laptop.
  • Easier to install and upgrade any of the parts.
  • The less expense for desktop gives you a chance to save money for a less expensive laptop or tablet PC for mobility.
  • Desktop PC can take loads of work pressure than a laptop without going slow.
  • Easily repairable. Even you can do some repair yourself if you are good at it. But laptop’s compact features often require a professional to handle the repair and further needs.


Deciding whether to purchase a desktop PC or a laptop could be confusing sometime. But for the best performance desktop can meet the utmost level of your expectation. Because in times of the need for an upgrade you can level up your processor, RAM, Hard disc, graphics card, sound card etc very easily without facing any problem at all. Some of the advantages those can be highlighted are discussed below –

Cost Effective

Purchasing a desktop computer is relatively a lot cheaper than a laptop. And when you have a budget in mind, a desktop computer is very satisfyingly customizable staying within the range.


The desktop PC performs better than a laptop because laptop’s compact system makes the manufacturing process critical. And for that reason the components like processor; RAM etc are comparatively smaller in size. On the other hand, desktop’s full-sized components make the performance fast, smooth and effective.


You cannot upgrade a laptop’s core system except the hard drive. If you need an upgrade of your laptop, you have to buy the upgraded next model. But each and every part of a desktop PC is upgradable.

Easy to assemble

All the parts of a desktop computer are easy to assemble even for a beginner level user. Through the assembling process, you can easily get to know and learn about each part of your computer closely. But at the beginning of the use, it is better to let a professional do the setup.

Screen Size

Desktop PC offers you a chance to work on a big monitor. Sometimes it is painful to work on big work file or playing a game on the laptop’s small screen which requires a lot of scrolling up, down and sideways. Desktop’s bigger screen saves you from that pain.


For an avid gamer, the definite choice is always a desktop PC. A gamer, s/he gets the ultimate freedom to customize and upgrade their computers anytime with the everyday upgrading modern games like Assassin’s Creed, Hitman, Call of Duty and many more alike.


The desktop computer gives you easy access to repair or change any part of the core system where a laptop prohibits that undoubtedly. The desktop computer is easy to disassemble and repair without the fear of any harm to the other components. You can do the repair yourself or hire a professional.

Custom Looks

The best thing about purchasing a desktop computer is that its limitless customization advantages. Having the best system components you can also make the outside look unique by choosing any from the incredible collection of cases available in the market. And the colorful RGB lighting with astonishing structures of the cases is worth the show.

Options for the customers

Choosing a desktop computer over a laptop entirely depends on the criteria of the work you want to accomplish. Though, both types of computers have their own ways of distinct advantages. Desktop computers are for heavy-weight works like making high-end animations, graphic works or video editing, or even playing modern high performance required games.

The market for computer technology offers a variety of customizable desktop computers with high performing components at reasonable prices. You can create a powerful quality machine of your own combining best brand motherboard, processor, RAM, graphics card, sound card, top storage hard drive and so much more.

Liakat Hossain is a search & content marketing consultant, He has been helping businesses grow through innovative digital marketing strategies. He mostly writes on technology and marketing.

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VPN Surf Review



Virtual Private Server or VPN is known as one of the secure ways to access the internet. It protects your online privacy by creating a private network within the public internet. VPN Surf is one of the trusted VPN services that are ready to provide secure and private access to the internet from any device or location. Learn the details below before using this VPN service.


The Benefits of Using VPN Surf

The first benefit you can get when you are using this service is that the system helps to hide your identity and location. The main function of using a VPN is that there will be no one knows about your vital information such as IP address and personal data. As a result, you can limit the risk of identity theft or other cybercrimes by using your identity. Moreover, others can’t monitor your online activities. The next great thing about using VPN Surf is that you can access the internet anywhere and anytime you want. You can even do it in countries that have region-restricted rules. Due to this benefit, you can use the service to stream your favorite videos, movies, sites, and social media anywhere. Indeed, VPN service gives a great benefit for travelers who visit different countries with different internet connection rules. It doesn’t matter the location, you will always feel that you are using the internet at home. This VPN service also gives a special offer in which you can try to use the VPN before buying it. The service allows you to feel the benefits, so you are sure it works for you when you buy it.


VPN Surf Services

The company offers you two different VPN services. The first service is a premium VPN service. Premium service is using a sophisticated system that protects your identity and network data. You can try this service for 7 days before purchasing it. The second service is a premium VPN software. This service is suitable for business owners who have to keep connecting and protecting some people or employees anytime and anywhere they are surfing the web. You also have a chance to try this package for 7 days for free before purchasing it.


Compatible with Any Devices and Operating Systems

You can use this VPN service in various devices and operating systems. The service is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Windows users get unlimited data transfer, along with 3 connections simultaneously. You can use 11 different server locations. Windows VPN service protects your identity and network data with the 256-bit encryption. It helps to protect from advertisers that send ads you don’t need, hackers, and even the government. Furthermore, the service is using a no-log policy. It means that they don’t log your online activities. You will get a 30 days free trial before buying it.

Android users can also use a VPN. The service gives you a high level of encryption to protect your IP address maximally. You will be anonymous anywhere you browse. The system helps to bypass censorships and restricted sites. As a result, you can download, stream, and surf faster. Even if there is an interruption, the system will reconnect automatically.


iOS users will also get the same service from this VPN provider. The VPN works to protect your network data when you are using public Wi-Fi, along with military-grade encryption. The system limits the risk of DNS and IPv6 leakage. The system will not disturb the connection speed. You will get the same benefits if you are using Mac and Linux.



VPN Surf offers a free VPN service for 3 months. You will get the same facilities and benefits just like the premium VPN service. Then, you can upgrade the service into premium service after 3 months. You only have to spend $5 per month and $15 per month for a business VPN. The premium VPN is suitable for up to 3 connections simultaneously whereas business VPN is suitable for up to 10 connections simultaneously. The premium version gives you a chance to try the service up to 30 days for free and 100 days free for the business VPN version. Both of them provide you with up to 10 servers in 5 different locations, including the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Romania, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, and Singapore.


Nowadays, you don’t need to get confused about accessing the internet connection anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter your location even if the countries have geo-restricted rules. VPN Surf is a good solution to browse or stream your favorite sites, videos, movies, television shows, and other online services.

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